Routes to, from and within the subiculum.

Böhm C
Peng Y
Geiger JRP
Schmitz D
Scientific Abstract

The subiculum is one of the major output areas of the hippocampus and has extensive projections to extrahippocampal targets. It is likely to play a pivotal role in the distribution of outgoing information from the hippocampus. The hippocampus, including the subiculum, is important for the formation, consolidation and retrieval of memory. These functions require a network that is flexible enough to encode incoming information and also allows for reliable distribution, storage and integration into previously encoded memories. Finally, relevant information has to be retrieved in a context-specific manner to allow for an appropriate behavioral response. The subiculum as a gateway between the hippocampus and cortex might serve to integrate and process information from the hippocampus proper and its other inputs before conveying it to more permanent storage locations. This review summarizes how the subiculum is embedded into upstream and downstream circuits, describes what is known about the local network topology and discusses cellular and functional properties of subicular cells subtypes. Lastly, it describes how these properties might help to separate information into parallel output streams and distribute it to its multiple target areas.


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