Neural mechanisms of memory
diagram of neural circuits, a fluorescence micrograph of cells in the hippocampus, an activity map plotted into a brain surface

Neural mechanisms of memory, from cells and circuits to behaviour.

Computational Neuroscience

Models of brain decision networks

Physiologic Controls Laboratory
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Brain network physiology of memory

Firing response of hippocampal CA1 principal cells during sharp-wave/ripple events in sleep. Top trace, wide-band (1H–5 kHz) local field potential recorded in the pyramidal cell layer. Bottom trace, 140–250 Hz band pass-filtered local field potential highlighting ripple frequency events. Raster plots, spike times of simultaneously recorded CA1 principal cells (one cell per row). Note the firing synchrony during ripple events.

Accessing and actuating specified neural circuits underlying motor function and dysfunction
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Some of the basal ganglia nuclei with their partner circuits in the thalamus and cerebral cortex.

Targeting network dynamics in neurological diseases.
stylised image of brain waves in several colours representing frequencies, and structure MRI brain scan images overlaid with brain regions shaded in colours.
Closed-loop approaches for impaired cognition and behavior

Circuit mechanisms of dysfunction and development of therapy for brain disorders

Physiological neuroimaging
Neural dynamics and their control in human disorders of movement

Rendered whole brain magnetic resonance image showing which cortical areas have their activities coupled with those in the motor region of the subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson’s disease. Coupling is determined by simultaneous recordings of magnetoencephalographic activity and deep brain recordings in patients with electrodes implanted for deep brain stimulation treatment. Representative deep brain waves are also shown. The effects of drugs and of high frequency stimulation on coupling and deep brain activity can thereby be determined, and provide clues as to how treatments can be improved.