Different subtypes of striatal neurons are selectively modulated by cortical oscillations.

Sharott A
Moll CK
Engler G
Denker M
Grün S
Engel AK
Scientific Abstract

The striatum is the key site for cortical input to the basal ganglia. Cortical input to striatal microcircuits has been previously studied only in the context of one or two types of neurons. Here, we provide the first description of four putative types of striatal neurons (medium spiny, fast spiking, tonically active, and low-threshold spiking) in a single data set by separating extracellular recordings of sorted single spikes recorded under halothane anesthesia using waveform and burst parameters. Under halothane, the electrocorticograms and striatal local field potential displayed spontaneous oscillations at both low (2-9 Hz) and high (35-80 Hz) frequencies. Putative fast spiking interneurons were significantly more likely to phase lock to high-frequency cortical oscillations and displayed significant cross-correlations in this frequency range. These findings suggest that, as in neocortex and hippocampus, the coordinated activity of fast spiking interneurons may specifically be involved in mediating oscillatory synchronization in the striatum.


2009.J. Neurosci., 29(14):4571-85.

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