Electrophysiological Correlates of Proactive Control and Binding Processes during Task Switching in Tourette Syndrome.

Wehmeyer L
Schüller CB
Gruendler TOJ
Huys D
Kuhn J
Ullsperger M
Visser-Vandewalle V
Andrade P
Baldermann JC
Schüller T
Scientific Abstract

The occurrence of tics in Tourette syndrome (TS) has often been linked to impaired cognitive control, but empirical findings are still inconclusive. A recent view proposes that tics may be the result of an abnormally strong interrelation between perceptual processes and motor actions, commonly referred to as perception-action binding. The general aim of the present study was to examine proactive control and binding effects in the context of task switching in adult human patients with TS and matched healthy controls. A cued task switching paradigm was employed in 24 patients (18 male, 6 female) and 25 controls while recording electroencephalography (EEG). Residue iteration decomposition (RIDE) was applied to analyze cue-locked proactive cognitive control and target-locked binding processes. Behavioral task switching performance was unaltered in patients with TS. A cue-locked parietal switch positivity, reflecting proactive control processes involved in the reconfiguration of the new task did not differ between groups. Importantly, target-locked fronto-central (N2) and parietal (P3) modulations, reflecting binding processes between perception and action, differed between groups. Underlying neurophysiological processes were best depicted after temporal decomposition of the EEG signal. The present results argue for unaltered proactive control but altered perception-action binding processes in the context of task switching, supporting the view that the integration of perception and action is processed differently in patients TS. Future studies should further investigate the specific conditions under which binding may be altered in TS and the influence of top-down processes, such as proactive control, on bindings.


2023. eNeuro, 10(4).

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