Dr. Jean Debarros

Dr. Jean Debarros

Senior Postdoctoral Scientist

Jean's research work focusses on developing adaptive ‘smart’ deep brain stimulation to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, with the overarching aim to lay the basis for the next generation of functional treatments in Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

By applying state-of-the-art modern control theory, using data recorded in real-time from the basal ganglia through the electrode implanted for the deep brain stimulation, and other relevant pathognomonic data associated with Parkinson’s disease, the goal of his work is to propose a close-loop deep brain stimulation approach that is capable of adapting automatically to the patient’s current state.

This research will make use of various techniques including signal processing, system identification and state-space control to design a real-time control that should surpass currently available deep brain stimulation of Parkinson’s disease both in term on efficacy and efficiency.

Recent Publications

Unit Publication
Tan H
Debarros J
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Huang Y
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2019. Brain Stimul., 12(4):858-867.
Unit Publication
Meidahl AC
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Debarros J
Brown P

2017.Mov. Disord., 32(6):810-819.