Corticostriatal coordination through coherent phase-amplitude coupling.

von Nicolai C
Engler G
Sharott A
Engel AK
Moll CK
Siegel M
Scientific Abstract

The corticostriatal axis is the main input stage of the basal ganglia and is crucial for their role in motor behavior. Synchronized oscillations might mediate interactions between cortex and striatum during behavior, yet direct evidence remains sparse. Here, we show that, during motor behavior, low- and high-frequency oscillations jointly couple cortex and striatum via cross-frequency interactions. We investigated neuronal oscillations along the corticostriatal axis in rats during rest and treadmill running. We found prominent theta and gamma oscillations in cortex and striatum, the peak frequencies of which scaled with motor demand. Theta and gamma oscillations were functionally coupled through phase-amplitude coupling. Furthermore, theta oscillations were phase coupled between structures. Together, local phase-amplitude coupling and corticostriatal theta phase coupling mediated the temporal correlation of gamma bursts between the cortex and striatum. The coordination of fast oscillations through coherent phase-amplitude coupling may be a general mechanism to regulate neuronal interactions along the corticostriatal axis and beyond.


2014.J. Neurosci., 34(17):5938-48.

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