Patent Application: Methods and system for characterising tremors

di Biase L
Brittain JS
Brown P
Di Lazzaro V
Shah SA
Scientific Abstract

A method of characterising tremor stability in a subject is described for a subject having an involuntary tremor symptomatic of a neurological disorder. The method comprising: identifying a series of tremor cycles from measured tremor data of the subject, said tremor cycles measuring periodic variation in movement of the subject due to the tremor; determining an instantaneous frequency for each tremor cycle and collating the instantaneous frequencies; determining an instantaneous variation between the instantaneous frequencies of each pair of adjacent tremor cycles within the series; comparing the instantaneous variation to the collation of determined instantaneous frequencies to determine a distribution of instantaneous variations; and determining an index value of the distribution of the instantaneous variations, said index value defining the stability of the tremor.

2018. WO/2018/134579
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