1:2 entrainment is not a device-induced artefact, except when it is.

Sermon JJ
Benjaber M
Duchet B
Anso J
Olaru M
Starr P
Denison T

In patients with Parkinson’s, enhanced signals can be measured at half the frequency of deep brain stimulation (DBS). Whether these signals are caused by the device or reflect actual brain processes has been a topic of debate. In this work, we provide evidence supporting a physiological origin for these signals, as well as a checklist which can be used to confirm that the DBS device is not causing these signals. This study is a step towards developing novel biomarkers for more effective DBS treatments.

Plots representing the artefactual power at half the frequency of stimulation (in blue) as a function of the device’s sampling frequency.
Artefacts at half the frequency of stimulation introduced by the device can be avoided by selecting appropriate sampling and stimulation frequency combinations. We show in the bottom panel the power spectral density (PSD) at half the frequency of stimulation. Artefacts can appear/disappear between two very similar sampling rates (top left panel: no artefact at 3100Hz; top right panel: artefact present at 3185Hz).

2024. Brain Stimul, 17(2):149-151.

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