Dr Nima Mirkhani

Portrait photo of  Nima Mirkhani.

Dr Nima Mirkhani

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nima graduated from the University of Tehran in Mechanical Engineering in 2013. He then obtained his MSc degree from the same university, where he studied the blood flow dynamics through artificial heart valves. Later, he pursued his PhD in health sciences and technology at ETH Zurich, followed by a brief postdoc focused on investigating novel spatially selective drug delivery strategies in cancer using living microrobots.

Nima joined the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit as a postdoctoral researcher In May 2023. His research, under the supervision of Prof. Rafal Bogacz, involves exploring the effects of neurostimulation in neurological and psychiatric disorders using computational models. Specifically, he is developing mathematical models to optimize the suppression of pathological oscillations in disorders like Parkinson's disease. Moreover, Nima is also interested in studying altered perceptual inference in psychiatric conditions, especially in the context of autism.

Head of Group

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