Adrien Causse


Adrien Causse

Research Student

Adrien originally studied pre-clinical medicine at the University of Montpellier-Nîmes, France. During this time, he joined the national MD-PhD program with the Ecole de l’INSERM Liliane Bettencourt (French National Institute for Medical Research). For his undergraduate research project, Adrien studied the pharmacology of metabotropic receptors by using nanobodies in Dr Jean-Philippe Pin's laboratory (University of Montpellier).

Adrien then joined the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS, Lyon, France) to pursue a MSc in Biology. For his first MSc project, he worked on fear memory consolidation under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Bienvenu in the laboratory of Dr Cyril Herry (Institute Magendie, INSERM, University of Bordeaux). Adrien completed his second MSc project in July 2022 with a 6-month internship in the Dupret Group where he learnt data analysis methods to investigate network oscillatory dynamics.

In October 2022, Adrien started his MRC-funded DPhil in the Dupret Group to study hippocampal oscillatory dynamics during memory-guided behaviour. This work leverages a cross-species framework that involves mice and humans, and is performed in collaboration with Dr Leila Reddy at the Brain and Cognition Research Center, CNRS, Toulouse, France.

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Recent Publications

Unit Publication
Clarke-Williams CJ
Lopes-Dos-Santos V
Lefèvre L
Brizee D
Causse AA
Rothaermel R
Hartwich K
Perestenko PV
Toth R
McNamara CG
Sharott A
Dupret D
2024. Cell, 187(2):409-427.