International recognition for 'Symphony of the Brain'

International recognition for 'Symphony of the Brain'

A woman, a man and another woman stand facing the camera, the man in the middle holds a metal award- a sculpture of two film strips in a double helix.

Rob Key (middle; representing Oxford Sparks) and Demi Brizee (right; representing the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit) receive the award for Best Film Produced by Universities and Research Institutes.

Photo credit: Manuel Castells Clemente / #LabMeCrazy! International Film Festival

We are delighted to announce that the Unit's public outreach film ‘The Symphony of the Brain’, produced in collaboration with Oxford Sparks, has received international recognition at the #LabMeCrazy! International Science Film Festival.

The Festival is an initiative of the Science Museum of the University of Navarra, Spain, which aims to bring science closer to young people by featuring refreshing displays of science and the communication of science. Beating out stiff competition from another seven finalists, the Unit's film won the first prize in the category ‘work produced by universities and research centres’. The jury was particularly impressed by how the analogy of music and a choir made a complex topic such as brain research accessible to a broad audience, as well as the film's overall production.

Unit student Demi Brizee, who attended the award ceremony, commented, "We are incredibly proud that our film has received the first prize at the #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival.  As a collaboration between researchers, artists and patients, our film underscores the importance of communicating brain research in an accessible, engaging and transparent manner."

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Portrait photos of Camille Lasbareilles (left, top) and Natalie Doig (right, top), and a screenshot from the Symphony of the Brain video (bottom).

Camille Lasbareilles, Natalie Doig, and The Symphony of the Brain video, co-winners of the Director’s Award for Public Engagement 2023.