Unit work on Deep Brain Stimulation selected for featured presentation

Unit work on Deep Brain Stimulation selected for featured presentation

Phase response to stimulation along both the tremor oscillation phase axis and the tremor oscillation amplitude axis

Unit D.Phil. student Benoit Duchet’s latest research has been selected as a featured oral presentation at this year's annual meeting of the Organization for Computational Neuroscience, to be held in Seattle, USA, in July. Out of 100+ submissions for oral presentations, only 3 were chosen to be featured at the meeting.

Benoit's work, entitled “Response to Deep Brain Stimulation in Essential Tremor: Predictions beyond noisy data with a Wilson-Cowan model”, is the result of ongoing collaborations with Unit postdoctoral scientists Dr Gihan Weerasinghe and Dr Hayriye Cagnan, as well as with mathematician Dr Christian Bick at the University of Oxford. The research is supervised by Unit Programme Leader Professor Rafal Bogacz.

Focusing on Essential Tremor, the team suggests a method to study the response to Deep Brain Stimulation along both the phase axis and amplitude axis of the tremor oscillation. Because of noise in recordings and experimental limitations, the amplitude axis is especially difficult to access by direct data analysis in the phasic paradigm. Going forward, the team will use their method to explore strategies for optimising closed-loop Deep Brain Stimulation as a treatment for Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s disease.

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Weerasinghe G, Duchet B, Cagnan H, Brown P, Bick C, Bogacz R
2019. PLoS Comput. Biol., 15(8):e1006575.
Unit Publication