Unit gains LEAF accreditation for sustainable research

Unit gains LEAF accreditation for sustainable research

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We are delighted to announce that the Unit has achieved multiple accreditations through the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF), a nationally recognised scheme designed to improve the sustainability and efficiency of laboratories.

Six laboratories at the Unit achieved accreditation for their sustainable practices. The Barron Group, Denison Group, Dupret Group, Sharott Group and Tan Group each achieved Bronze awards. The Magill Group achieved a Silver award.

To gain the awards, each Group was audited for the practical steps they had taken to meet several assessment criteria, including those related to the use of equipment and space, the management of samples and chemicals, ventilation, waste/recycling, and the engagement of colleagues.

Unit Sustainability Lead Dr Camille Loiseau commented "There are many opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment, both at home and at work. At a time when environmental issues are more pressing than ever, establishing sustainable practices has never been easier. When I initiated the process for LEAF accreditation at the Unit, I was really impressed by the enthusiastic uptake. Thanks to the LEAF program, and the support of the University of Oxford’s Environmental Sustainability Team, we have successfully implemented a wide range of measures to make our labs more sustainable. And there’s more to come next year!”

Unit Director Professor Peter Magill commented “I am delighted that the Unit’s commitment to sustainable research has been recognised in this way. Many congratulations to the dedicated teams of Unit members who delivered on their plans to help the Unit reduce its carbon emissions, waste and spend. This initiative has already enhanced the Unit environment supporting high-quality research.”

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