Dr Camille Loiseau

Photo of Dr. Camille Loiseau

Dr Camille Loiseau

Postdoctoral Neuroscientist

Dr. Camille Loiseau graduated with a M.Sc. in Integrative Biology and Physiology from Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) Paris, France, in 2013. Camille has always been interested in the functional organisation of neural circuits that coordinate complex physiological functions. As part of her Ph.D. in Neurophysiology that she completed at UPMC in 2017, Camille worked on the neuronal networks that underlie the central respiratory drive. In particular, Camille’s doctoral research elucidated the brainstem-related mechanisms by which progestin impacts on CO2/H+ chemosensitivity. To achieve this, Camille combined ex vivo electrophysiological, pharmacological, and anatomical methods.

Camille joined the Magill Group in October 2018. Her research at the Unit is focused on defining how the molecular, structural and physiololgical properrties of basal ganglia neurons are perturbed in Parkinsonism. To address this, she uses in vivo electrophysiological recordings, cell-type-selective manipulations, quantitative neuroanatomy, and behavioural analyses.

Head of Group