Alexander Morley awarded Mozilla Fellowship

Alexander Morley awarded Mozilla Fellowship

Alexander Morley

We are delighted to announce that Unit D.Phil. student Alexander Morley has been awarded a prestigious Mozilla Fellowship.

The Mozilla Fellowships for Science present a unique opportunity for researchers who want to influence the future of open science and data sharing within their communities. Mozilla Fellows are web activists, open-source researchers, and technology-policy experts who work on the front lines to help ensure that the internet remains secure, inclusive and decentralized. Fellows develop new thinking on how to address the key emerging challenges to sustainable internet use.

Alex was awarded his Fellowship to continue and expand upon his efforts to make research more accessible, inclusive, and reproducible. Alex is one of only six researchers chosen from a world-wide call for applications; his award was based on his previous work and also recognises the Unit’s creation of a supportive environment for innovation in research practices.

For his Fellowship work, Alex will focus on developing resources around the idea of “Continuous Research”. While more and more data accumulate, and further ways to analyse data are developed, Alex considers that the time is right to embrace automated solutions for comparing and integrating research. Alex sees this not only as an opportunity to innovate, and to enhance reproducibility, but also to remove some of the barriers to participation in research. Alex will take up his Mozilla Fellowship this Autumn, and will be continuing to work as part of David Dupret’s Group at the Unit.