Dupret Group

Group Science

The group performs circuit analyses to: (i) determine how neural representations of the external world are computed, consolidated and recalled in the hippocampus for the purpose of memory;  (ii) establish the mnemonic contribution of oscillatory patterns of network activity (e.g., theta, gamma, sharp wave/ripples); and (iii) define neuronal interactions across brain circuits during the expression of memory-guided behaviours.

This research requires multi-channel extracellular recordings to monitor the parallel activity of multiple neurons together with network oscillations as measured by fluctuations in local field potentials. Principal cells and interneuron types are discriminated based on criteria that have been previously established using dual intracellular/extracellular or juxtacellular recordings in acute in vivo recordings. In order to draw causal relationships between neuronal activity and behaviour, we combine such recordings with optogenetic techniques to manipulate specific sets of neurons, stimulating or silencing them, and determine their contributions at a high spatio-temporal resolution.

Key Research Areas: 
In vivo study of neuronal ensembles during behaviour
Mnemonic contribution of network oscillations
Research Techniques: 
Neuronal ensemble recording and associated data analyses
Behavioural analyses