Dr. Hanna Sjoberg

Portrait photo of Hanna Sjoberg

Dr. Hanna Sjoberg

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Behavioural Neurophysiology

Hanna graduated with a B.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Manchester, with industrial experience at Roche Phase I clinical trials unit. She then completed her BBSRC-funded doctoral studies in Neuroscience and Physiology in the same university, working on metabolic sensing in the hypothalamus, under the supervision of Prof. Simon Luckman. In her PhD project, Hanna studied the role of pituitary adenylate-cyclase activating peptide (PACAP) in the counter-regulatory response to hypoglycaemia, and its associated importance to obesity. In this work, she used several animal models for obesity, and utilised various in vivo techniques and a systems genetics approach to identify novel research targets in obesity, including three orphan G protein-coupled receptors. In 2014, Hanna joined the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to develop novel in vivo models of filarial parasite infections for pre-clinical testing of breakthrough anti-filarial compounds, one of which has since been brought into clinical trials, and investigate disease pathology in immunocompromised rodent models. In 2017, Hanna joined the University of Oxford, working at the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences and then the Imaging Core Facility of the Department of Oncology. In these roles, Hanna developed a large range of in vivo techniques and model development for the purpose of biomedical research. 

In 2023, Hanna joined the Dupret Group as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to provide specialist scientific support to the Group’s projects related to memory-guided behaviour using in vivo multichannel recordings and anatomical techniques. 

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