A warm welcome to Lucia

A warm welcome to Lucia

A portrait photo of Dr Lucia Ricciardi

We are pleased to welcome Dr Lucia Ricciardi to the Unit as a Clinician Scientist, working in the Group led by Professor Peter Brown and in collaboration with the Functional Neurosurgery team at St. George’s Hospital, London.

Lucia studied medicine and completed her neurology specialty training at the University of Messina, Italy. After a fellowship in movement disorders at the Catholic University of Rome, Italy, and another one at the University College London, she completed a PhD in “Clinical and Experimental Neuropsycho-pharmacology and application in neuro-rehabilitation”.

Since 2016, Lucia has been working as a consultant neurologist, with a specialist interest in movement disorders, at Kingston Hospital and St George’s Hospital in London. She is part of the Deep Brain Stimulation team at St. George’s Hospital.

Lucia’s research is focused on cognitive, psychiatric and emotional dysfunction in patients with movement disorders, especially those with Parkinson’s.

Lucia has been awarded a MRC Clinical Academic Research Partnerships (CARP) Award, and now joins the Brown Group to undertake her research. She will study the neural correlates of behavioural disorders in Parkinson’s, recording cortical and deep brain activities in patients undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation surgery for the treatment of Parkinson's.

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