Healthy volunteers wanted

for non-invasive stimulation and brain recording study

We are seeking volunteers aged 18-80 years for a non-invasive stimulation study investigating behaviours related to response inhibition. We plan to stimulate and simultaneously record brain activity from the scalp while performing a decision making task. This will help us improve our understanding of non-invasive brain stimulation and its potential use in developing novel treatment protocols.

This study involves a maximum of three visits to the Charles Wolfson Neuroscience Clinical Research Facility at the John Radcliffe Hospital (West Wing, Level 1) in Oxford. Each session will take no more than two hours (including setup and experiment), and you will be reimbursed for your time.

If you are interested in participating in this study and/or would like further information, please contact Dr Alekhya Mandali at or Dr Hayriye Cagnan at (+44 01865 271888)

Thank you for your time!

Study title: Modulating response inhibition related behaviours using transcranial current stimulation (in healthy volunteers)

CUREC ref - R77362/RE004

Download this as a PDF with tear-off contact slips.