Dr. John Fleming

Portrait photo of John Fleming.

Dr. John Fleming

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

John Fleming received his Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland, in 2021. John’s doctoral research focused on the development of closed-loop control strategies for deep brain stimulation to treat motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. His work aimed to develop novel methods for suppressing pathological disease symptoms, whilst preventing potential side-effects which may be caused due to stimulation. To test his approaches, John developed a computational model of the parkinsonian central and peripheral nervous system during deep brain stimulation, with the model acting as a surrogate testbed for the initial validation of his control approaches.

In April 2021, John joined Professor Tim Denison’s Group in the Unit as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Bioelectronics. John’s current research is focused on the development of physiologically-inspired control strategies for electrical stimulation of the nervous system to treat a variety of neurological disorders.

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