Ben Micklem

Ben Micklem

Research Support Manager

Ben's areas of expertise include digital 3D neuron reconstruction, stereology, laser scanning confocal microscopy, and correlated light and electron microscopy. Highlights of the research outcomes of applying these techniques include:

  • Illustrated and quantified with 3D reconstruction the discovery of the axonal distribution of a new population of globus pallidus neurons that re-defined the nucleus's role in the basal ganglia circuit (Mallet et al 2012).
  • Helped to devise a stereological approach to quantifying number and distribution of all synaptic inputs to a single identified neuron using electron microscopy (Henny et al 2014).
  • Quantified the density and distribution of neuronal sub-populations of the peduncular-pontine nucleus (Mena-Segovia et al 2009; Martinez-Gonzalez et al 2012).

Ben manages the Unit's microscopy facilities; including two transmission electron microscopes, two laser scanning confocal microscopes and four epifluorescence microscopes. This includes responsibility for identifying microscopy techniques and equipment to meet the Unit's research needs, procurement, maintenance, and training. He is also IT Manager for the Unit, running the Windows Active Directory Domain, the 9 NAS servers with total storage in excess of one Petabyte, web and database servers, as well as the network infrastructure and firewall.

He is passionate about science communication and public engagement, has guided the development of this web site, and has produced video abstracts to highlight the Unit's research. The images (right) are a selection of journal covers that he has designed.

Ben graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2002 with a degree in biology. He began working at the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit (the predecessor to the current BNDU) in 2003 as an Imaging and Microscopy Technician. In 2005 he was awarded a Graduate Imaging Scientist qualification and an Associateship by the Royal Photographic Society. His professional passion for imaging spills over into his personal interests in photography and videography of the natural world.

The Hippocampal Escapement- Neuron cover May 21, 2014
Neuron Ivy Cell Cover 2008
August 1st 2007 cover of Journal of Neuroscience
Journal of Neuroscience cover 2007
Selection of Journal Covers