William Wombell

Portrait photo of William Wombell

William Wombell

Research Student

Will completed an integrated M.Sci. in Natural Sciences at Durham University for his undergraduate studies, with a primary focus in Chemistry and Physics. During this time, Will notably learnt about machine learning of chemical potentials within the frame of classical and quantum molecular dynamics under the guidance of Professor Mark Wilson.

Will then joined the Computational Discovery D.Phil. program at the University of Oxford, starting to study machine learning for the optimisation of semiconductor quantum computing hardware in the Department of Materials. In November 2022, Will then transitioned to continue working with Professor Dupret's Group at the MRC BNDU, where he is investigating non-Euclidean representations of environmental stimuli in neuronal ensembles, focusing on accurate embedding of hierarchically-organised data. As part of Will's D.Phil. project, he is using tools from mathematics, statistical mechanics, and machine learning to describe neural dynamics associated with memory processing, leaning on methods such as neural differential equations to design physically-motivated optimisable models. This project is co-supervised by Prof. Sonia Contera in the Department of Physics.

Head of Group