Dr. Laura Lefevre

portait photo of Laura Lefevre

Dr. Laura Lefevre

Postdoctoral Neuroscientist

Laura graduated in Neuroscience in 2013, and completed her Ph.D. in 2016 at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Centre (CNRS, INSERM, University of Lyon, France). Laura's doctoral research focused on the significance of sniffing variations for the olfactory system and the impact of learning. Her studies combined in vivo electrophysiology and behavioural approaches. Laura started her postdoctoral work with Prof. Gary Stephens and Dr. Mark Dallas at the University of Reading, where she characterised in vitro hippocampal activities in a model of epilepsy. Laura then joined Prof. Peter Somogyi and Dr. Tim Viney at the Department of Phamacology, University of Oxford, where she contributed to recordings of septal and hippocampal local field potentials during place behaviour in virtual environments.

In May 2018, Laura joined the Dupret Group at the MRC BNDU, where she will be investigating neuronal dynamics across the hippocampus and connected subcortical circuits during the expression of adaptive behaviours.

Head of Group
Selected Publications
Unit Publication
Gava GP
McHugh SB
Lefèvre L
Lopes-Dos-Santos V
Trouche S
El-Gaby M
Schultz SR
Dupret D
2021. Nat. Neurosci., 24:326–330.