Alexander Morley


Alexander Morley

Research Student

Alexander Morley graduated in preclinical medicine at the University of Oxford, and has joined Dr David Dupret's lab as a D.Phil student in October 2015. Alex has previously worked in Dr. Bains’ lab at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute in Canada, where his project was focused on using optogenetic and immunohistochemical techniques to delineate a novel stress-related neuronal circuit.

Over the next few years, Alex will perform multi-channel extracellular recordings to investigate how oscillatory communication between the hippocampus and its connected brain circuits contributes to multi-modal information processing for the purpose of memory and adaptive behaviours.

Head of Group
Selected Publications
Unit Publication
Lopes-Dos-Santos V
van de Ven GM
Morley A
Trouche S
Campo-Urriza N
Dupret D
2018. Neuron, 100(4):940–952.