Dodson Group

Group Science

While we often consider all neurons of a particular type to subserve the same function, within these 'cell types' there is often considerable anatomical, molecular and functional heterogeneity. The goal of our research is to better understand how these specialisations enable different sub-populations of neurons to encode behaviour. By increasing our understanding of these sub-populations in the healthy brain, we aim to shed light on their selective dysfunction or vulnerability to cell loss in diseases like Parkinson's. Our ultimate aim is to guide the development of novel therapies that restore appropriate function or protect against neurodegeneration.

Key Research Areas: 
Investigating the role of neuronal activity in shaping behaviour
Characterising heterogeneous sub-populations of neurons
Investigating dysfunction in models of Parkinson's disease
Research Techniques: 
Single-cell recording/labelling in vivo
Behavioural analysis
Microscopy and stereology